Supporting Local

Why choose local?
Our flowers are fragrant, vibrant, and sustainably grown, which means no pesticides used and no extra preservatives needed since your flowers aren't being shipped from out of the country. Which is better for the environment, the wildlife, and you and your sweet little ones or pets that may touch or munch anything!
The Birds & the Bees
Sustainable and local flower growing is not only convenient and beautiful, but it also supports the local wildlife and provides food and shelter for native insects! (Don't worry, the only talk we will have is about saving the bees.) We get all sorts of animals that visit our garden like deer, squirrels, rabbits, countless birds, and bees (I love a big fuzzy bumblebee) and although I don't always love that feel so comfortable in our garden, we love that we can support them, protect them, and help them flourish. 
The bumble bee is one of the best pollinators around, even better than the honey bee, and there has been a drastic decline in their population (some show up to 90% over the last 20 years)! Our native bumble bees love our flowers, which is perfect because we love seeing them so abundant in our garden and hope we are just a small step in the process of saving and increasing them locally. Click here for a great article for more about What's the Buzz About Native Bees!
Keeping American agriculture alive
Buying bulk from out of the country is admittedly cheap and simple for florists and grocery stores, but they miss out on the chance to support local farmers who struggle competing with the rising costs of seeds and materials in conjunction with time and efforts invested (as opposed to low paid labor costs in other countries). Just stick your nose in one of our bouquets vs. imported and you can immediately tell the difference in freshness and fragrance. We harvest regularly to ensure the highest possible quality and longest lasting bouquets possible. No, our flowers will not last a month in a vase, but they aren't supposed to. Freshness and seasonality is sustainability and we strive to be good stewards of our land. 
CSA subscriptions are a great way to support and invest in your local growers as you pay upfront for your subscription which helps cover upfront growing costs and you get to participate in the subsequent bounty with fresh products weekly or monthly!

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