Are you looking for flowers for your wedding or events? 

Wedding flowers

Do you like sweet and whimsical or bold and colorful? Whatever it is, we are committed to creating flowers you will love to celebrate your

Wedding flowers



I started by making all the flowers for my own wedding and fell in love. I have since had the honor of creating bouquets for other people's weddings and I just love how special it is to make something so personal and beautiful to enhance a bride's joy and beauty!

Wedding flowers, bride and bridesmaids


We know you have spend so much time and effort planning a million details of your dream day, and it can get so exhausting and overwhelming. You deserve something easy and beautiful! With us, wedding flowers don’t have to be complicated! We strive to use own and local grown flowers to create the perfect seasonal bouquets. It’s literally as easy as 1, 2, 3 for picture perfect blooms!


  1. Choose a theme

-Do you want light or dark colors

-Do you want soft or bold

-How would you describe your wedding’s feel/style (Traditional, country, chic, casual, vintage, folksy, glamorous)


     2.  Choose a size





     3.  Choose how many pieces you’ll need

-Just bridal

-Bridal & party

-Bridal, party, and ceremony piece (We currently specialize in personals and ceremony space. We do not do tabletop or reception pieces at this time).

That’s all there is to it! You answer a couple simple questions and leave the rest to us to pick and design gorgeous, seasonal, and local flowers into your dream!

Wedding flowers




Do you want an extra flourish for you photoshoots? Whether engagement, anniversary, family, homecoming/prom, or personal, we can create flowers to make you feel your most beautiful. We offer bouquets and flower jewelry that will make your pictures stand out!

Photoshoot flowers, prom flowers, bout and corsage



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