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Do you do sell the flowers you grow in individual small bouquets for home or gifts?

At this time we do not as we are focusing on events and some other projects in the works!


Can we come visit your farm/workspace?

While we have dreams of one day making our space shareable, for now we will keep our growing private.






My daughter has homecoming/prom/photo shoot coming up. Can you make her a corsage or flower jewelry? 

Yes we can! We can do corsages, earring, flower crowns, necklaces, bracelets, rings, all to make her look her best! 


Do you do floral teaching events?

Not currently but it is something we are hoping to do in the future!






 Can you do wedding instillations?

While we focus on making the perfect personals like bridal bouquets, bridesmaid bouquets, boutonnieres, or flower jewelry, we can can do ceremony instillations! Just send us your inspiration and we can work together to make something just for you!

We do focus on dreamy personals and ceremony spaces and do not currently offer reception/table centerpieces.


Will all the flowers for my wedding be grown by you?

No, as we are still a small growing production we want to make sure you have all the beautiful blooms you need and will supplement elsewhere. We will try to use local when available, but may outsource to make sure we have enough of everything to make your perfect florals. 


Can I get specific flowers in my bouquets?


You have enough on your plate already. You’ve researched and picked so many things, and you’re doing great! But don’t worry, you don’t have to be a florist and know what flowers to pick for the perfect bouquet. Going it on your own can just lead to more work and frustration, so let us do it all for you! Just tell us what size, style, and colors you’re going for and we will do the rest to use local and seasonal flowers create your dream bouquet. We will try to include but do not guarantee specific flower requests as we focus on the whole design and seasonality to create natural and thoughtful bouquets.


Can I incorporate special trinkets or objects with my flowers?

Absolutely! This day is all about celebrating you and your unique relationship and we want to help you shine! Do you have a special locket or family heirloom you want with your bouquet? We can do it! Do you want to surprise your groom with something he will love for boutonnieres like shotgun shells or a charm to reflect your theme or style? We love it! Want to use a specific vase or family dishware on your tables? We are here for it! You provide us your items in advance and we will put everything together for you to make it all beautiful, specialized, and memorable.


How long will my wedding flowers last?

Unlike market bouquets, wedding flowers often will only last a few days max because we focus more on showy blooms that do not have a stellar vase life. They will be beautiful the day of, we just don't want you to be disappointed that your gorgeous arrangements wont last for weeks. If you do want to enjoy your flowers permanently, we recommend finding someone to preserve your beautiful flowers so you can enjoy them for years to come!


If I want to DIY my own bouquet, can I just buy flowers from you?

In order to have a full and complete design, we prefer to be the sole creator and designer so you end up with a cohesive look. Also, we are not currently selling flowers for public use. 


Do you deliver our wedding flowers?

Yes! A delivery can absolutely be incorporated into your package. You can also do pick up, but know that person is fully responsible for the care and condition of your flowers after they leave us.


Do you do several events in a weekend?

We are very exclusive in the number and events we do in a year and promise to focus all of our attention on your special day alone!

Why are wedding flowers more expensive than a regular bouquet, especially just for a day?

Flowers have a way of expressing your beauty and style and adding a natural wow factor to an already special day that is hard to match. A lot of time and effort and love goes into creating you the prefect floral masterpieces for your special day. We do everything we can to take our time and energy to make sure everything is designed and showcased just right to match your personality and style. Wedding flowers also often use more showy and focal blooms, which can often be harder to grow and are therefore more costly. We also have to organize everything around a specific timeline to make sure everything is ready, open, lasting, and beautiful for exactly when you need it. We understand you have a lot you are paying for, but we want our flowers to be perfect and our prices will reflect that. Message us and we can talk about your ideas and budget and try and come up with something beautiful that makes sense for you!



Don't see you question here? Just send us a message and we would be happy to help!


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